We are here to give those people support, who usually neither have any lobby nor are well informed about our healthsystem, about integration offers and other important affairs about life in Austria.

The interventions we offer are mainly open consultation and case management, psychological treatment, and psychotherapy. Moroever we carry out several health and integration activities. 

Open consultation and case management

Through open consultation and case management, we offer our clients concrete support in finding solutions for upcoming problems and concerns. If possible and necessary, clients can express their concerns in their own language and receive the necessary information in a way they understand. We help them improve their access to social and health care facilities and psychosocial support facilities (intercultural opening).




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Psychological treatment and psychotherapy

If you would like to get support for psychological problems, you can ask for a first appointment to clarify, which kind of support would be the best for you. 

We recommend contacting us in the timeslots of our Journaldienst