Health offers and health projects

Psychological treatment

The range of psychological care is very diverse and tries to reach, understand, and support  clients in their living environments. Those children, adolescents, and adults we look after live in family accommodation, in quarters for unaccompanied minor refugees, or in private apartments.


Care is provided in quarters - such as in the accommodation for unaccompanied minor refugees in the Toscana house in Gratwein and in the Lazarou family accommodation in Gratkorn - as well as in the classic treatment setting in our facility.


The focus of the psychological treatments for children and adolescents is the processing of adjustment disorders and traumatic experiences, support for emotional and developmental problems, sensible leisure activities and the opening up of leisure opportunities, establishing contacts with Austrians.

Transcultural psychotherapy

The treatment of acute or chronified episodes of trauma requires therapy that, apart from the pure symptoms, looks at people in their entirety.

Integrative trauma therapy uses the possibilities of life telling, also works body-oriented and takes existing networks into account. Creative methods are offered wherever the word fails. Experiences are processed on a symbolic level and interests are aroused. Experienced traumas cannot be undone; they are processed and accepted as part of the biography. Psychotherapy can help to share and alleviate suffering and make memories of traumatic experiences less distressing.

Our therapists have different cultural backgrounds or know various cultural backgrounds well and some can also treat them directly in their mother tongue. This is conducive to the access and development of the therapeutic relationship. The therapeutic work is carried out in German, English, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian and Russian. We consult our interpreters for other languages.
Psychotherapy is free of charge for our patients.
Appointments and coordination with interpreters are made during our opening hours via the secretariat.

Community Health for marginalized groups of people:

In this project, we advise, supervise and treat people with health problems. The goal of all activities is always to improve the living conditions of the target group in terms of improving health conditions and thus enabling a healthy life. The target group of the project are persons who are (still) unfamiliar with the Austrian health system or cannot sufficiently use it due to various access barriers. Focussed are individuals with special needs, for example torture victims, or severely traumatized persons.

Women's Paths to Empowerment:

The main objective of this project is to provide social and inclusive support to migrant women and their families with special needs.


Advice for women and girls on various topics such as violence protection and prevention, protection and education in the field of trafficking and prostitution etc. is an immanent part of the project.


Another focus of the project is the training of multipliers: women from different ethnic communities are taught about violence, violence prevention, self-assertion and empowerment, as well as didactic and teaching methods and trained as multipliers. Subsequently, they transfer what they have learned into their ethnic community or cultural association. 

Healthy through sports and games

Health promotion, integration and meaningful leisure activities are top priorities at OMEGA - therefore we also offer sports courses: Football, Volleyball, Cracker Pamir and Spinal Gymnastics for migrants and also for female employees.



There is a separate OMEGA football team, which was founded in 2010 by and forunaccompanied minor refugees. Once a week, Afghan youths bewtween 16 and 21 years old are trained. Since 2014, the team also participates in the "Long Day of Fleeing" -Football-tournament, organized by the UNHCR in Vienna, and has already won twice.


Spinal Gymnastics

This has been carried out for several years for free and is an offer for all employees as well as for our clients. It takes place under the guidance of a professional trainer and thereby ensures that target group-adapted exercises are carried out.