Rehabilitation, Empowerment and Integration of Asylum Seeking Torture Survivors (2016-2018)

This project worked with 220 asylum-seekers and refugees in Croatia, Austria, and Germany who were torture survivors. It assisted and supported them in overcoming the consequences of traumatic experiences while also empowering them towards integration in their new countries. The underlying philosophy of the project was that the socio-economic integration of refugees and asylum-seekers who had survived torture is at least as powerful a rehabilitation factor as the psychological and medical treatments that experts provide.


Apart from providing conventional individual psychological counselling, psychotherapy and psycho-social support, the partners in this project developed and piloted an innovative short-term group intervention. Clients were also able to participate in various educational activities, including language learning and vocational training, and other group activities to facilitate interaction and integration in local communities.


The project was implemented by the Rehabilitation Centre for Stress and Trauma from Croatia as project coordinator, OMEGA was partner as well as EXILIO Centre for Refugees and Torture Survivors from Germany were.