A transfer of knowledge project (2016-2018),
funded within the Erasmus+ Programme


Background and Goals

The project "Integration through Education and Information (INTED)" had the aim to improve the work amongst refugees/immigrants in the different partnership countries with the aim to get a faster, efficient and more rational integration process.To make it possible for immigrants to faster step into the educational system and the labour market, they need to improve their basic language skills and also the knowledge about their new countries cultural and civic system.The project's objective was to create a more efficient integration process through:

  • Provide basic skills and language courses to immigrants and simultaneously give civic information to make them prepared for further studies and job. 
  • Educate new instructors and improve the competence amongst earlier educated staff. 
  • Reach and start trustful communication with immigrants in their neighborhoods with assistance of link persons  
  • Identify, build relations and include people who is suffering from war trauma and mental instability, also them who are not in studies, on labor market or in active social life. 
  • Involve more volunteers and NGOs in the work.

Partner organizations

Rehabilitation Centre for Stress and Trauma (RCT), Zagreb, Croatia

is an independent, humanitarian non-profit organization providing psycho-social rehabilitation and support for the disadvantage.  The organization was established in 1993 and had assisted (several thousand) refugees and displaced persons – victims of war, torture, human right abuse and asylum seekers.


Omega - Transcultural Centre for mental and physical health and integration, Graz, Austria

works in the field of mental and physical health care and integration measures for refugees and other immigrants. Omega is a non governmental, politically independent and non-profit organisation whose main objective is to provide care, assistance and treatment using a family oriented approach for persons who are victims of violence as well as Human Rights Violations.


Landratsamt Enzkreis, Pforzheim, Germany

is the district administration. The Landratsamt, fulfils a double function: Community administration and governmental administration. The governmental area take care of legislative responsibilities like health service, traffic regulation, environmental and nature protection. The main duty of the community administration is supporting local district authorities in the execution of their tasks. The Landratsamt is responsible for refugees that are directed to the counties, which means it has to care for hosting and maintenance.


Val d’Enza District, Italy

is composed by eight Municipalities with a total amount of 62 000 inhabitants. Until a few years ago, the community used to be cohesive and characterized by high levels of widespread prosperity, therefore Social Services worked with a small number of citizens, typically immigrants or families without any family network. A half of this is composed by citizens with a foreign background. These groups are requiring social support as they are scarcely integrated in the local community.


Gårdshuset (Our College) Linköping, Sweden

are a non-profit association and a department of a larger Swedish adult education organisation called Bilda. They provide language and cultural orientation courses to adult immigrants. They cooperate with the Employment service, local council and Department of Education, municipality of Linköping.


The Section of Resource and support, Department of Education, Linköping, Sweden

works among other things with issues concerning adult learning, family learning, parenting and active citizenship for immigrants. 

The section also take care of the newly arrived families who has children which are supposed to begin in preschool and school.


Information on the project's activities can be found on the official project website.