Workstream 0 - Management and coordination of the project:

  • Overall coordination of the project
  • internal evaluation
  • financial administration
  • ongoing information on the homepages
  • dissemination activities at a local level

Workstream 1 - Peer Leader Training:

  • Duration: 15 months (January 2011 - March 2012)
  • 4 groups from different ethnic communites
  • 4 Peer Leaders from each group
  • In 12 training session (each 4 hours) immigrant women will be informed and trained about different topics concerning violence prevention, awareness raising and didactic and teaching methods
  • Output of these workshops are a curriculum with detailed contents of the training and mini manuals for the peer leaders

Workstream 2 - Multiplier Workshops:

  • Duration: 14 months (March 2011 - May 2012)
  • 4 groups from different ethnic communities
  • Workshops will be contucted by Peer Leaders
  • In 12 Workshops (each 4 hours) 20 immigrant women per group will be taught about violence prevention, empowerment and awareness raising in their native language

Workstream 3 - Self Defence and violence prevention training:

  • Duration: 14 months (September 2011 - October 2012)
  • Self defence Workshops conducted by specialised trainers
  • 4 intensive Workshops within 3 days (10 - 12 hours per Workshop)
  • Weekly training during 48 weeks (2 hours each)
  • 30 participating migrant women, who are survivors or victims of violence and who want to actively prevent the spiral of violence and to be able to defend themselves in the wake of violence

Workstream 4 - Building local Networks:

  • Networking and Exchange with stakeholders on a local level
  • Organisations which are active in the field of migration, violence prevention and women’s advancement
  • Political and Public Institutions which support women, families and integration
  • Workshops by the local partners
  • Organisation of 6 Workshops with different topics to gain further knowledge and insight about violence prevention, migration and gender studies
  • Each Workshop will be hosted and conducted by a different stakeholder
  • Participation of local stakeholders in transnational Meetings
  • Continuity and sustainability through bringing relevant local stakeholders together on an EU level
  • Presentation and exchange of Good-Practice models

Workstream 5 - Transnational Networks:

  • 4 international Meetings:
  • Kick-off Meeting England, February 2011
  • Partner Meeting Czech Republic, September 2011
  • Partner Meeting Greece, April 2012
  • Final Meeting Austria, October 2012

Workstream 6 - International Conference:

  • Graz (Austria) October 2012
  • Presentation of results and important insights of the project

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