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Report Multiplier Workshops

In March 2011 our Peer Leaders started with the first Multiplier Workshops. These are conducted in the same month as the respective Peer Leader Trainings. For these Workshops two women per ethnic group prepare a summary of the Peer Leader Training and translate it into their native language. After that the women conduct the workshops with different topics concerning violence prevention in their cultural associations or their communities. The Peer Leaders get a fee for each conducted Workshop.

Also there is a budget for a snack break during the Workshops, so that the women can buy coffee, cake and drinks. After the Workshop the women have to write a report, this report has to be written by one women per group and is paid separately. In addition the women are supposed to write a participant list and to take pictures of the Workshop. Since some migrant women don’t want to be in a picture, the women can also take a photo of the room or of the women from behind. In this way the anonymity can be kept.

The first Multiplier Workshops have been very successful. The participants are very interested in topics concerning violence and violence prevention. In most of the Workshops there were active discussions and a lot of questions were asked. Even though for some ethnic groups it’s more difficult to prepare the Workshops in the associations and communities and to motivate the migrant women to participate, there is a common interest and also a necessity to talk about violence. Especially violence against children and racism are topics that most of the women are interested in. Domestic violence however is a tabu and has to be talked about in a very sensitive way.

The curriculum and the Workshop leaders will be adapted by request from the Peer Leaders and the participant women, so that all the relevant topics can be covered and also local differences in the needs can be addressed. In this way the project leading organisation and its partners have the same topics about violence and violence prevention in general but each partner can adapt the topics according to the needs of the respective target group.

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