Kick-off Meeting London

Our first partner meeting took place between February 23th and February 25th 2011 in London, UK. The meeting was hosted by our project partner in England - IKWRO, who made it possible to hold the first kick-off meeting in a very professional manner. Since this was the first meeting between the partners it was important to create a pleasant atmosphere and this was taken care of really well by IKWRO (England). On the first day, our meeting was held in the IKWRO office, for the following days IKWRO organized the meeting to take place in an office complex "Kings Place" in which one of their donors have their offices. The rooms were very spacious, bright and well equipped which made the presentations and discussions lively and interesting. During the breaks our London colleagues took great care in providing delicious food and drink.

All the six partner organisations were present at the meeting. All in all we were 18 participants including the invited stakeholders. The planning of the meeting as well as preparing the agenda was carried out by the lead organisation Omega. The meetings were chaired by Usha Sundaresan(Omega) and Diana Nammi(IKWRO). As the partners in the project were meeting for the first time, a part of the first day was spent in getting to know each other’s organisations. A presentation of the project "Opening Doors"by Ulla Martetschläger helped to refresh everyone’s minds and initiated interesting discussions as well as questions concerning the different Workstreams as well as other aspects of the project. An important topic on the first day was the project budget allotted to each organisation and the rules on amendments concerning the budget.

On the second day of the meeting the reporting system and the evaluation of the individual Workstreams was discussed. ARTEMIS and HRDC participated actively in the discussion about evaluation methods and could also contribute to developing an evaluation plan. Other important topics like communication methods, developing a project logo and homepage were discussed and decisions met.

The main topic of discussion on the third day of the meeting was the curriculum for the peer leader training. More than twelve relevant topics regarding the aspects of violence and ist prevention were discussed and prioritized. This turned out to be a difficult task, since every organisation has different key aspects and approaches to the topics violence and violence prevention as well as varied ethnic groups who will be addressed. At the end of day three we reached an agreement on twelve topics, with the possibility for each organisation to choose three other topics independently. All in all, the first partner meeting proved to be very productive and inspite of language barriers it was possible to discuss efficiently and reach important decisions.

The second partner meeting in Prague from September 21st to September 23th 2011 was unanimously agreed upon. All the partners will be inviting Peer Leaders as well as local stakeholders to participate in the meeting.

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